The International Reginald Shepherd Memorial Poetry Prize

We're pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 International Reginald Shepherd Memorial Poetry Prize, which was judged by C. Dale Young.

1st Place:  "What Wittgenstein Might Say" by Steven Cordova

2nd Place:  "Ode to the Xiphoid Process" by Cara Stoddard 

3rd Place:  "Lineage" by Derrick Austin

    1st Runner-up:  "After It Rains" by Stephen Zerance

    2nd Runner-up:  "Grand Guffaw" by Derek JG Williams

    3rd Runner-up:  "Ode to the Tongue" by Derek JG Williams

Mr. Cordova will receive a $200 gift certificate to Powell's books, publication in Knockout, and five contributor's copies.

Ms. Stoddard will receive a $100 gift certificate to Powell's, publication, and two contributor's copies.

Mr. Austin will receive a $50 gift certificate, publication, and two contributor's copies.


The runners-up, Mr. Zerance and Mr. Williams, will both have their poems published and will receive two contributor's copies for each honorable mention.


We plan on holding the contest again; please stay tuned for details.


Previous Winners

2009 (selected by Carl Phillips)

First place winner: Occupation* (Kelly Madigan Erlandson)

Second place winner: Archaic Bronze** (Christian Gullette)

Third place winner: Wood*** (Larry Bradley)

   RUNNERS-UP (selected by Carl Phillips)

First runner-up: Modern Ripple**** (Rickey Laurentiis)

Second runner-up: August, near Arles**** (Richard Foerster)

Third runner-up: Faggot**** (Rickey Laurentiis)

 FINALISTS (in alphabetical order by poem title, selected by Knockout’s editors)

Fourteen (Lauren K. Alleyne)


He Calls Her Etsy (Karen Schubert)


Mirror God (Rickey Laurentiis)


Mother Loved to Joke (Joe Eldridge)


Muster (Kelly Madigan Erlandson)


The Reproduction of Desire (Julie R. Enszer)


Still Birth, September 22 (Karsten Piper)

There’s Always One on the Driveway, Featherless, (Diane Seuss)

Touch (L. Lamar Wilson)


SEMIFINALISTS (in alphabetical order by poem title, selected by Knockout’s editors)

Temp Work (Emily Van Kley)

Argo Navis (Jory Michelson)

Ars Poetica: Nov. 7, 2008 (L. Lamar Wilson)

Being Young (Kelly Madigan Erlandson)

Biting on Ginger (Chip Livingston)

The Café by Foujita (Christian Gullette)

Chip & Nico (Chip Livingston)

Cutlery Tale (P. Hurshell)

Daphne (Richard Foerster)

Dear Batman (Christian Gullette)

The Face of It: A Meditation on an HIV/AIDS Poster on the A-train (Lauren K. Alleyne)

The Gift of Flight (Chip Livingston)

Going Through Life Wearing a Bathing Suit and Helmet (Amy McLennan)

He Looks at Clouds (Joe Eldridge)

How It Touches Us (Lauren K. Alleyne)

Hunting Morels (Christopher Hennessy)

Impersonal Paragraph (J. Marcus Weekley)

Invocation (Binh Nguyen)

Love with the Beer Brewer (Ching-In Chen)

—Me Tangere**** (Rickey Laurentiis)

Mnemonic Device (Binh Nguyen)

Monument Avenue (Jeffery Berg)

One Explanation (Julie R. Enszer)

Otro Banda, The Other Side (Christian Gullette)

A Prayer for the Phlebotomist (L. Lamar Wilson)

Small Traffic (Emily Van Kley)

Surrender (Christopher Hennessy)

Tarry (L. Lamar Wilson)

 “The Village Advocate” by an unknown Dutch Master, c. 1600 (Robert Kramer)

That the Body Wants (Lauren K. Alleyne)

To My Father’s Blue Tuxedo (Christopher Hennessy)

Unburdened (Christopher Phelps)

Vestiges [excerpt] (Phillip Brian Williams)

What I should Have Told the Homeless Man

in Cleveland Who Mistook Me for Mary’s Son (L. Lamar Wilson)

Where Ocean Meets Sky (Derrick Austin)

The Window (Suzanne Bottelli)

The Wrestler (Christian Gullette)

 **** Knockout published this poem in its fourth issue.

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