Knockout #5 is here!

Covert courtesy of Stephen Knezovich.

Cover courtesy of Stephen Knezovich.

After a long wait, Knockout’s next issue (#5) is here! As you can see, we’re also in the process of re-inventing our website, so stay tuned for a myriad of updates.

Here’s our most recent news:

We’re happy to announce that Shira Richman is joining our staff as Knockout’s managing editor.

Despite the (damn pronounced) delay in getting Knockout #5 to the printers, the show will go on, so expect a Knockout #6 in about a year’s time. Submissions are now open. To submit, head on over to Submittable.

As AWP is in our backyard (Minnesota forever!) we’ll have a table at the book fair.

To buy issues of Knockout, click the following button. All prices include tax.

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