Knockout Literary Magazine

Knockout has been around for 10 years. We started out in a Spokane kitchen, and we aimed to produce two issues a year. So far, we’ve produced five issues, but we stand by each of them, and we’re proud to have run each of the authors that have graced our pages.

You can chalk up our production totals to the usual suspects—overzealousness, switching jobs, moving across the country, and of course money troubles—but we’re going to go out with a bang. We’re now at work on issue #6, which is almost certainly be Knockout’s last. (Unless there are some interested co-editors out there; in which case, perhaps #7 could be in store after all.)

This website is pretty bare bones at the moment, as we’ve been having hosting issues, but below you’ll see the last five covers, and when the sixth is in the works, we’ll post it here. If you’ve got questions, please send us a note. (And yes, we’re stilllllll reading your submissions, so if you’ve sent one along, it hasn’t been forgotten. Our many apologies on the delay in responding.)

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